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Chiller plant works on proper refrigerant cycle where vapor compression or absorption cools the fluid through which heat transfer can be done accurately. Be it compression or absorption, the chiller system works on principles mentioned below:

* Liquid gets heated and vaporized into gas, once the gas gets cool, the condensation of gas into liquid will be done.

* Reduction of boiling point by lowering the pressure of liquid, increasing the pressure if needed.

* The flow of heat will be always from hot to cold environment.

Chiller plant installation is needed for exchanging heat from water to closed refrigerant system. Afterwards the refrigerant will be pumped to the location where unwanted heat can be transferred to the atmosphere. Multiple facilities and excellence are prime factors due to which chiller plant installation services are in demand.

How Global AC System Helps You to Get Worthy Chiller Plant Machines

Global AC System which has a great work towards delivering unbeatable HVAC facilities is now taken a step in the field of chiller plant installation; we have tied up with finest chiller plant manufacturers who deal in:

* Air cooled chilling plant

* Water cooled chiller plant

* Skidded mounted chiller

* Green chiller & Modular chiller plant etc.

Advantages of Chiller Plant Installation by Us

* Designed with planned compact technology

* Condenser added according to client’s requirement

* Chiller and other controls also added

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