Industrial Ventillation

Ventilation Contractor for Industrial Ventilation, Pollution Control, Acoustics Services

Global AC System provides Industrial Ventilation Services in India for below mentioned spaces.

• Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

* Industrial Ventilation

* Roof (Ceiling ) Ventilation

* Factory Ventilation

* Building Ventilation

* Basement Ventilation

* Parking Ventilation.

* Warehouse Ventilation

* Pollution Control System

Ventilation system is required for

* To maintain adequate supply of oxygen in the work area

* To control hazardous concentration of toxic materials in the air.

* To remove any undesirable/unpleasant odors from a given area.

* To remove undesirable contaminants at their source before they enter work place air.

* To control temperature and humidity.

Ventilation is required to control temperature, replenish oxygen and to remove Carbon Dioxide, Smoke, Heat, Bacteria or dust.

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